Custom Bulletin Boards

Can I get a skinny board...with a white frame...and a fabric to match my wall color? problem! Because we build all our products from scratch - right here in our New England workshop, we can design and build a custom framed bulletin board to your specifications. And with over 100 frame & fabric options, the possibilities are endless. If you think one of our 6 standard sizes may work for you - see this page.

Just click on the REQUEST A CUSTOM BULLETIN BOARD button below to give us some details about your project.

Below are a few examples of what we have built for our happy customers - plus some quick FAQs about our custom bulletin boards. We look forward to building something beautiful for you!

let's build a custom board together!

handcrafted custom boards

Our cork boards have a 1/2" thick cork covered surface while our bulletin boards have a 1/2" thick fabric covered surface. Both styles are always built with a frame.

The fabric covered bulletin boards and the cork boards are equally durable. The bulletin boards are covered in a thick upholstery fabric and the cork boards are covered in a extra thick layer of natural self-healing cork.

There is a 1/2" thick cork-like layer under the fabric - the thick surface is the perfect density for holding the push pins.

For sure! As all our boards are built from scratch - we can pair any frame with any fabric. See this page to see frame and fabric options. Please note: on the combo boards we can only use our flat profile frames.

The cost is based upon the overall size - if the custom size you need is bigger than one of our standard sizes - the cost would be more. If it is smaller, the cost would be less. And the time to build and ship is the same - as all our boards are built one at a time - just for you.

We are typically running about 2 weeks out in production - custom boards may take longer depending on the complexity or size of the board or larger volume quantities.

We include our super easy to use hanging hardware on every board that ships. We do offer several different types of hanging hardware depending on the size and weight of your board. See this page for more detail on our hanging hardware.

Sorry - custom built boards are non-returnable. We suggest ordering a frame and/or fabric swatches before you order so you can make sure your custom board will be the perfect fit and look for your space. We also recommend using some painters tape on your wall to 'map' out the perfect size.