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Our beautiful gallery wrapped Push Pin Boards are the latest collection we have designed for our customers who are looking for a clean modern look without a frame. Built with a hardwood frame under the fabric and covered in your choice of 15 upholstery fabrics, our fabric covered pin boards are the perfect compliment to your modern home or office. Scroll down to see our 5 standard sizes, some common questions about our push pin boards or our video on how we build our boards. If you need a custom size - visit our Custom Pin Board inquiry page, and let us know what you need.

What is the push pin board made of?

What is the difference between a pin board and a bulletin board?

How do I order a custom sized pin board?

What is the push pin board made of?

We build our pin boards with 3/4" thick hardwood frame - on top of that is a 1/2" layer of cork-like material - then the fabric is glued and gallery wrapped around all 4 edges - so the finished thickness is 1-1/4". See video below to see our team in action building pin boards.

What is the difference between a pin board and a bulletin board?

Our frameless pin boards are built with a frame under the fabric and the fabric is gallery wrapped around the edges of the board. Our Bulletin Boards are built with a frame around the fabric panel. Both styles have a 1/2" thick cork-like layer behind the fabric.

How do I order a custom sized pin board?

Because we build all our pin boards from scratch, building you a custom size is easy - just click here and give us some details about your project so we can get you a cost.

How do you use a pin board?

Our frameless pin boards have a 'pinnable' surface - meaning you can use push pins to stick thru the fabric covering into the 1/2" cork-like layer that is under the fabric. Plus - we include a tin of our classic wooden pushpins with every order.

What is the best way to display my pin board on the wall? And what if I want it to hang vertically?

We include our super easy to use hanging system with every board we ship. Our hanging system makes installing your board a easy 5 minute project - and it's always level. Click here to see more detail about our hanging system. Also, when checking out on the product page - you can select horizontal or vertical hanging.

Can you send me your Pin Board fabric swatches?

Of course! We recommend seeing our fabrics in your home or office to make sure it is the perfect choice. See this page to view all our fabric swatches and use the form at the bottom of that page to request free swatches.

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