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Cork Board

Choose from 6 sizes & 25 frame styles

Premium Framed Cork Boards - Built in America

Stylish, amazing, beautiful! - This is what are customers say when they receive their cork boards. Built from scratch using premium wood frames with extra thick 1/2" natural self-healing cork and our guarantee that you are going to love your board - why settle for anything less? Scroll down to see our 6 standard sizes - some quick FAQs about our cork boards - and see our production video of us building boards. Need a custom size? Just head on over to our Custom Cork Board inquiry page and let us know what you need.

How do you measure your cork boards?

How long does it take to build and ship my cork board?

How do I order a custom sized cork board?

How do you measure your cork boards?

All our boards are measured from the outside of the frame. So the frame width is included in the overall size.

How long does it take to build and ship my cork board?

Please allow about 2 weeks for your handcrafted board to ship. Custom sized boards or large quantity orders may take longer. Your board will be delivered by Fedex Ground and we will send you a tracking number when it ships. You can also request text updates in the checkout process.

How do I order a custom sized cork board?

Because we build all our framed cork boards from scratch, building you a custom board is easy. - Go to our Custom Cork Board Inquiry page and give us some details about your project so we can get you a cost.

How thick is the cork?

Our cork panels are 1/2" thick. We only use a premium self-healing cork to make sure you will never see a hole in your board after repeated use. We import all our cork directly from Portugal to insure we are building our boards with the highest quality cork available - anywhere.

What is the difference between a cork board and a bulletin board?

Our cork boards have a 1/2" thick cork covered surface while our bulletin boards have a 1/2" thick fabric covered surface. Both styles are always built with a frame - and both styles are equally durable. Shop Bulletin Boards

How do I hang my cork board?

We include our super easy to use hanging system with every board we ship. Our hanging system makes installing your board a easy 5 minute project - and its always level. Click here to see more detail about our hanging system.

Can I hang my cork board vertically?

Of course - when you check out you will be asked to click horizontal or vertical hanging - and we will set up the hanging hardware accordingly.

Horizontal is 'landscape' format and vertical is 'portrait' format.

Do you include the wooden pushpins?

Yes we do! Every cork board ships with a tin of 25 wooden pushpins - (if you order 2 boards you get 2 get the point!)

Can I specify a different frame width for my board?

We typically use the wider frames widths on the bigger sizes and the thinner frame widths on the smaller sizes - but we can use a different width on your cork board if you prefer - just add that note into the order notes when you checkout or you can use this use this quick form to send us a inquiry.

Cork Board

Handcrafted. Built from scratch. Over 25 frame options. Completely customizable.

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