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15 frame styles. 4 standard sizes.

Write. Display. Organize. Do it all with our Chalk and Dry Erase Combo Boards.

Our Combo Boards are the perfect combination for writing and pinning. Write notes, to-do lists, grocery lists and messages on the chalkboard or dry erase side and post invitations, photos, ideas and inspirations on the cork or fabric side. Every Combo Board is built with the tray and ships with chalk or markers, magnets, pushpins and a eraser. Scroll down to view our 4 standard sized Chalk Combo Boards or Dry Erase Combo Boards, view some quick FAQs about our combo boards or go to our Idea Gallery to see some examples of custom combo boards we have built. If you need a custom sized combo board - go to our Custom Combo Board Inquiry page and let us know what you need.

How do you measure your combo boards?

How long does it take to build and ship my board?

How do I order a custom sized combo board?

How do you measure your combo boards?

All our boards are measured from the outside of the frame. So the frame width is included in the overall size.

How long does it take to build and ship my board?

Please allow about 2 weeks for your handcrafted board to ship. Custom sized boards or large quantity orders may take longer. Your board will be delivered by Fedex Ground and we will send you a tracking number when it ships as well as a update the day it will be delivered. You can also request text updates in the checkout process.

How do I order a custom sized combo board?

Because we build all our Framed Combo Boards from scratch, building you a custom board is easy - just click here and give us some details about your project so we can get you a cost.

How do I hang my board?

We include our super easy to use hanging system with every board we ship. Our hanging system makes installing your board a easy 5 minute project - and its always level. Click here to see more detail about our hanging system.

Are your dry erase/white board and chalkboard panels magnetic?

Yes - both are magnetic - and we include a set of our button magnets so you can stick up photos, invitations and kids artwork right to the board.

What is included with my dry erase combo board?

The Dry Erase Combo Boards ship with a eraser, dry erase markers, push pins, white marker tray and our button magnets.

What is included with my chalk combo board?

The Chalk Combo Boards ship with a eraser, artists chalk, push pins, matte black chalk tray and our button magnets.

I see that you can choose between a cork panel or a fabric panel for the 'pinnable' side - is there a reason why I would choose one or the other?

Both our cork and fabric panels are 1/2" in thickness - and are equally durable. Deciding between the two options is purely a aesthetic choice of which will look better in your space.

Can I use a different frame & fabric combination than what is shown on the products pages?

For sure! The frame & fabric combinations you can choose on the product pages are great combinations - but we know you may want something a bit different. Just add that note to the Order Notes box when you check out. Or use this page to see frame and fabric options or to request free samples.

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Combo Boards

Sometimes you want to pin. Sometimes you want to write.

Let's do both!

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