Because we make all our boards from scratch, we can design and build any style in any size. We have built custom boards for Google, Starbucks, Disneyland, The North Face and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Below are a few (of many) custom, decorative wall boards we have built for our happy customers, we hope these work as inspiration and for design ideas for your next project! Just contact us for a custom quote. We are here to walk you thru the entire design process.


If you would like to share a picture of your board, just email that to us at: - and if we use on our site we will give you a $50. credit towards your next purchase - or post your image on Instagram and tag us #corkboard_com


55. For this customer with 3 kids - this extra large framed chalkboard we built is a endless source of creativity and inspiration for the entire family.


custom corkboard

54. This New York City family has recently remodeled their kitchen and had a small wall that they wanted to fill with a chalkboard, a dry erase board and a fabric bulletin board - mission accomplished!



custom bulletin board

53. This family from Boston had a large empty wall area where they wanted to create a command center for their busy family. They wanted a dry erase calendar to keep track of daily and weekly activities, a dry erase board to jot down to-do lists and reminders and a large fabric bulletin section area to display their kids artwork.


 52. Here are 2 personalized custom boards we built for a craft/art room for the families 2 kids to display their masterpieces.


custom chalkboard

51. Custom floor to ceiling magnetic chalkboard built to fit perfectly on the end of this unused space. This space is now a place to post notes, artwork, school schedules, photos as well as a space to writes grocery lists and notes.



crossfit image

50. Here is a board we just designed and built for a customer who owns a Crossfit franchise in MN. They wanted a board with their 4-color logo as well as a space to pin and a space to write down birthdays and important events that are happening in their gym and with their members. The size on this is 60" x 40" and the cost was around $600. with shipping. 


combo board

 49. Here is a great before and after for a custom chalk combo board we built for Sara in WI. She had purchased some cork tiles (don't do it!) that had started to peel off her wall about a month after applying. She contacted us about building a framed chalk combo board and we got it to her just before the holidays. Size on this was 32" x 80" and the cost was around $575. with shipping.

personalized boards

48. Christine in California wanted two 6 ft tall custom magnet boards personalized for each of her sons - these were built with a black chalkboard section on top with their names and a large magnet panel covered in burlap on the bottom. We can add personalization to any board that we build - call us to discuss your custom project!


combo boards

47. Just a few days work! are a few of the many custom combo boards we have built over the past few weeks...if you have a spot in your home that you want to turn into a usable area for pinning, posting and getting organized just give us a call or send a email...we can give you a cost right on the phone and get your board built and delivered in just a few weeks!


combo board

46. Here is one of a set of boards we designed for a retirement home company who wanted a branded cork board to place in each of their facilities. They are using these to post company memos and employee relevant information. We can use any color logo or artwork and create a custom board for your company - just give us a call!


cork boards

  45. Here's a awesome idea from a family in Chicago...take a empty wall - add a few cork boards - pin some photos - now you have a photo gallery space that can show your latest vacations pics, school photos, a family tree with vintage photos of grandparents and so much more. This family thought it was time to get some of those photos off their phones - and there are some super easy to use apps out there now that make it very easy.

chalk boards 

 44. Here are two large chalkboards that we just built for a customer in Brooklyn, NY.  This customer was using this wall to tape up their kids art work, now they have a magnetic panel to post artwork as well as a large writing surface to write notes, lists and to-dos..."Changes our life"...says the customer!


dart board

 43. One of our customers needed a custom combo board built for their dart board. So instead of throwing darts into their brick wall - they now have a thick cork surface for wayward darts as well as a chalkboard on the right to tally points and games.

combo board

42. Here is a large custom chalk combo board we just built for a new Greek restaurant in Greenville SC called Ji-Roz. They wanted a large chalkboard section on top to write daily specials and a smaller fabric bulletin board section on the bottom to post community events and local neighborhood news. The octopus special looks great!


41. Custom Personalization - yes we can do that! is a custom board we built for a PR firm in Washington DC - they wanted a board in their office where they could post new client 'wins'. The top section is a magnetic chalkboard with their logo and the bottom section is a fabric bulletin board.



40. Royal Blue Grocery, a urban grocery store based in the Highland Park Village of Dallas needed a 'Community Board' in their store to post community events, flyers and also for writing down upcoming in-store events. We built this 10 foot wide magnetic chalkboard with our Driftwood White frame to match their white washed wood wall.



 39. Barzotto, a neighborhood restaurant in San Francisco needed a custom chalkboard to write down daily specials and let their customers know of upcoming events - we built this with a narrow matte black wood frame to match their existing shelving - and it fits perfectly behind their bar.

custom board

38. Here is a custom board we just built for a family that has 3 kids - and to keep organized they wanted a separate panel for each kids schedule & school reminders. The top section is a magnetic chalkboard with tray that will be used by the entire family for writing down notes, to-do-lists and reminders. This is built with our Boardwalk frame and natural Burlap fabric.


combo board

37. This customer had a large wall in their home that they wanted to fill with a 7 ft wide bulletin board and a 7 ft wide magnetic chalkboard. This is actually 2 separate boards that fit seamlessly together when installed. Now this family has lots of space for displaying kids artwork, lists and family schedules - and it looks awesome!


36. Custom combo board built for Donna in Santa Monica, CA. She wanted a combo board built that would attach to her stainless steel fridge - we used industrial velcro on the back for easy installation.


35. Sarah in Santa Monica, California contacted us because she had a large grey electrical panel right in the middle of one of her kitchen walls. She had the idea of covering it up with a fabric bulletin board and contacted us to build her one. Now she has a useful space for posting pictures, invites and postcards...and with our awesome hanging system, the board can be easily removed if she needs to access the panel.


34. Here is a large (3 ft x 5 ft) combo board we built for Lauren in Bellaire TX. She requested a triple vertical combo board with a magnetic dry erase panel + tray in the middle with two panels of our Natural Linen bulletin board on top & bottom. 


33. This customer had a narrow wall in her kitchen but wanted a combo board so she could write reminders and lists as well as pin notes, recipes and cards - we built her a narrow board with 1/3rd dry erase on top and fabric bulletin board on the bottom 2/3rds.


32. This customer wanted a custom combo dry erase + bulletin board built for their kitchen to write down notes as well as an area on top to pin a calendar and invitations. Built with our Pearl White frame and Ash Grey fabric.


31. We have a lot of customers who need a custom board built for their built in desks, here is one we built for Traci in Tennessee with a simple 2" black frame with Khaki fabric.


30. Large custom magnetic chalkboard built for a customers entryway, built in our Montauk Boardwalk frame.


29. Here is a large combo board we built for a customer who wanted three panels - the outside panels are Natural Linen and the middle panel is dry erase with a tray.


custom combo board

28. Great idea for anyone with a exposed fridge...this family wanted a custom combo board built to cover the entire area of the side of their fridge, we built this board with the top area as a magnetic chalkboard for writing down notes to family members, a to-do or grocery list...the bottom section is a bulletin board built with our Ash fabric - this section will be used to post a calendar, pin up invitations and photos and all their kids artwork. It is framed in our 2" Torino Silver frame.


27. Custom 5 ft wide dry erase combo board built for a interior designer, for a clients mudroom.


26. Custom chalk combo board built for customer in Los Angeles who had a narrow space on the end of her kitchen cabinets.


25. Here is a custom board we built for Jenny in San Francisco, she wanted a small section of dry erase on top and a larger fabric bulletin board section below.


24. 8 foot wide combo board built for customer in Newburyport, MA who wanted a large board for their family room.


23. Custom designed combo board - built to match cabinets and counter tops...this customer wanted the dry erase on the left panel so it would be easier to access.


22. Custom designed fabric bulletin board built for a world map and customers travel photos.


skinny board above desk

21. Here is a narrow 7 ft board we build for a customer in NYC for their newly remodeled home office. Built with our 1" Satin White frame and Ash Grey fabric.


combo board

20. Custom designed chalk combo board for small wall in kitchen. Customer has turned a empty wall in to a useful area for writing notes, grocery lists and reminders.


custom board

 19. Custom designed combo board built for a gym in Santa Cruz, CA. They wanted a magnetic chalkboard to write down upcoming events and the two cork panels for pinning community notices and gym schedules. Cost on this was $575. with shipping.


18. This customer wanted a 72" x 24" vertical magnetic chalkboard with a small section on top for pinning - Built with our 2" Barnboard frame and Natural Linen bulletin board.


17. Custom designed chalkboards with logo for Orlando Tourism, used in the hotel lobby to welcome guests.


custom board

16. Custom sized fabric bulletin board - built with our Driftwood White frame to match distressed beach decor for teenagers room.


15. Custom designed cork board to fit in a narrow wall in custom kitchen for a customer in Boston.


custom board

14. Custom built 48" x 54" fabric bulletin board with 10" of chalkboard on top with custom signage. Built for a private school faculty teacher. Cost on this was $500. with shipping.


13. Set of custom designed boards for home office - magnet board, dry erase board and bulletin board.


12. Custom designed fabric bulletin board for collectible pins at Disneyland.


11. Custom designed cork boards for kids "home office".


chalk board

10. Here is a custom sized chalk board built in our Aspen Brown frame - built for a busy family in Milwaukee WI to keep track of their weekly schedule. Cost on this was $450. with shipping.


9. Custom designed fabric bulletin board for customers necklace display.


8. Custom designed combo board, this customer needed more space for pinning - less for writing


7. Custom sized cork board built for the Starbucks at Dreamworks Pictures to display their movie night poster.


custom board

6. Custom board built for a custom play area - the customer wanted one section to be dry erase - one section to be a fabric bulletin board - and one section to be a magnetic chalkboard. Cost on this was around $500. with shipping.


custom board

5. Here is a custom board we built for the drama department of a private school in California. The are using the black bulletin board section to post pictures of all the actors in their productions. 

4. Custom built bulletin board for a customer in Seattle, customer wanted a black frame to match countertops.


3. Custom built bulletin boards to hold name tags for a wedding in Napa.


2. Custom built magnet boards for Jenny Craig/Curves new offices. At the moment, we are building custom boards for every new Jenny Craig location in the US.


1. Custom fabric bulletin board - built for customer in LA.