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A Wedding Vision Board is a visual representation of what you want your big day to look like. It will help you clarify your ideas, align with your partner, and take much of the stress out of the planning process. Professional wedding planners agree, vision boards should be one of the first things that couples do. Save it as a keepsake or transform it into a Marriage Vision Board. Put it where you will see it every day and manifest your dreams! So what are you waiting for? Check out our handcrafted Wedding Vision Boards in various styles, frames, materials, and (custom) sizes.

What is a wedding vision board?

Is the Wedding Vision Board surface magnetic?

How do you measure your Wedding Vision Boards?

What is a wedding vision board?

A Wedding Vision Board is a creative and visual tool to help you clarify your plans for your wedding—where it will be, the dress code, what kind of flowers you like, etc. Vision boarding involves creating a collage of images, words, fabrics and using them to align your dreams with your partner and share them with your wedding planner.

Is the Wedding Vision Board surface magnetic?

Yes, absolutely! Our wedding vision boards are constructed exclusively from premium magnetic porcelain, ensuring a lifetime of top-tier quality. We even include complimentary button magnets, making it a breeze to showcase photos, invitations, and artwork right on this magnetic canvas for your wedding.

How do you measure your Wedding Vision Boards?

We determine the dimensions of our Wedding Vision Boards by measuring from the exterior of the frame. This incorporates the frame width into the overall size, ensuring accurate and encompassing measurements.

How do I order a custom sized wedding vision board?

Ordering a custom-sized wedding vision board is a breeze! As we construct all our framed wedding vision boards from scratch, simply click here to share project details. We'll promptly provide you with a tailored cost estimate.

Is the marker tray provided with the wedding vision board?

Yes, the Vision Board for your Wedding comes equipped with a custom-designed white marker tray. This tray seamlessly integrates into the board for a polished look and is designed to hold markers and an eraser. The tray protrudes 1-1/4" from the board. If you prefer not to have the tray, simply indicate your preference in the order notes on the initial checkout page.

How to make a Wedding Vision Board?

We provide the foundation by offering a specially designed board with a built-in marker tray. However, the creative aspect is entirely yours to explore. Select images, quotes, and ideas that resonate with your vision, arranging them on the board for a unique and meaningful representation of your dream wedding.

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