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A Travel Vision Board is a relaxing and fun way to lay out your travel plans, or organize your bucket list, for your next adventure. Plenty of research shows that putting your goals in a visual format helps you accomplish them. Make sure to hang your travel vision board where you will look at it every day for inspiration and manifestation. So what are you waiting for? Bon voyage! Check out our handcrafted Travel Vision Boards in various styles, frames, materials, and (custom) sizes.

What is a travel vision board?

Why create a travel vision board?

How do you use a Travel Vision Board?

What is a travel vision board?

A Travel Vision Board is a creative and visual tool to help you manifest your goals and get you to the places you want to travel to—Paris, the Antarctic, or the Taj Mahal! Vision boarding involves creating a collage of images, words, and anything else that represents your aspirations and desires related to that destination.

Why create a travel vision board?

Designing a travel vision board offers a concrete path for your wanderlust and for transforming aspirations into attainable milestones. It heightens the joy of travel by visually portraying destinations and experiences. Because travel is as much about the journey as the destination!

How do you use a Travel Vision Board?

The 'pinnable' surface allows you to easily secure your travel inspirations using push pins, to stick thru the fabric covering into the 1/2" cork-like layer beneath. Each order includes a tin of our classic wooden pushpins, ensuring a practical and visually appealing means to personalize your Travel Vision Board with destinations, memories, and aspirations.

How does a travel vision board align with trip planning?

A Travel Vision Board acts as a visual roadmap, perfect for trip planning. It assists you in prioritizing destinations, activities, and cultural encounters, guaranteeing a more purposeful and well-organized vacation schedule. Adapting to your evolving desires, the Travel Vision Board transforms into a dynamic tool, allowing you to fine-tune your travel plans throughout your trip.

How can a travel vision board enhance the travel experience?

Transforming your aspirations into reality, a Travel Vision Board sparks anticipation and enthusiasm. As you visualize destinations and desired experiences, it injects an extra layer of excitement into your journey. These visualizations increase and extend the overall enjoyment and fulfillment of your travel adventures.

What is the Travel Vision Board made of?

Our Travel Vision Boards are meticulously crafted for durability and aesthetics. With a foundation of a 3/4" thick hardwood frame and a 1/2" cork-like layer, they provide a sturdy yet pinnable surface. The fabric is expertly glued and gallery wrapped around all edges, resulting in a finished thickness of 1-1/4".

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