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Attract Financial Success, with a Money Vision Board

A Money Vision Board is a fun and impactful way to clarify and reach your financial goals. Plenty of research shows that putting your goals in a visual format aids you in accomplishing them more easily and quickly. A Money Visual Board forces you to think about your money goals, where your money goes, and to visualize your financial dreams. These visual affirmations train your subconscious to push you towards a new reality, the new you. That's why it's essential to hang your Money Vision Board, where you will see it every day. So what are you waiting for? Financial freedom, here you come! Check out our handcrafted Money Vision Boards in various styles, frames, materials, and custom sizes.

What is a Money Vision Board?

Why create a Money Vision Board?

How do I start creating a Money Vision Board?

What is a Money Vision Board?

A Money Vision Board is a creative and visual tool to help you clarify and manifest your financial goals—such as financial freedom, saving money, owning a house, or becoming a millionaire.

Why create a Money Vision Board?

When you craft your Money Vision Board, you're turning financial aspirations into motivating, tangible goals. This visual guide aligns your daily actions with your long-term financial goals, ensuring a more reachable path to your financial freedom.

How do I start creating a Money Vision Board?

Start by reflecting on your distinctive financial goals. Collect visuals, quotes, symbols and other money affirmations that personally signify your perception of prosperity and financial success. Make it a practice to regularly revisit and update, keeping it in sync with your evolving financial aspirations.

Is a Money Vision Board only for long-term financial goals?

No, your Money Vision Board caters to both your short-term desires and long-term millionaire ambitions. It dynamically adapts to your changing financial dreams, whether saving for a dream vacation or preparing for retirement. Money Vision Boards consistently visualize and fortify your personal path toward your financial goals.

Can I choose a different fabric than what is shown for my Money Vision Boards?

Absolutely! While the provided frame and fabric combinations are impressive, we understand you might want to give a different touch to your Money Vision Board. Simply let us know your preferences in the Order Notes during checkout. Visit this page for diverse frame and fabric alternatives, or opt for complimentary samples to customize your vision board for your financial goals.

How do I stick things to the fabric surface of my Money Vision Board?

We send you a set of 15 to 25 super-strong button magnets (number depends on your board size) with your Money Vision Board order. These neodymium magnets, capped with a small white button, make attaching inspirational pieces easy. And they're strong! Each powerful magnet, can hold up to 10 sheets of paper, offering a practical way for you to organize your financial freedom goals on your journey to becoming a millionaire.

Vision Board for Financial Freedom

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