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Ideas, Images and Inspirations...On a Framed Bulletin Board!

fabric bulletin boardHere is a framed bulletin board that we built for one of our customers daughters. This was a custom sized 36" x 60" bulletin board built with our Driftwood White frame and Ash Grey fabric - which matches the grey wall color. Her daughter is using this board as a real life scrapbook to post pictures of friends, pets, a few selfies - (hey she is a teenager) -  and tickets to Hamilton - lucky girl! If you...

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Custom Boards - It's What We Do!

custom board

Because we build all our boards from scratch - building you a custom board to fill that space next to your fridge or above a desk is not a problem. Here is a board we just built for Mandy in Ohio. She wanted a 3-part board with a magnetic chalkboard section in the middle for writing down notes and lists and the two outside sections as fabric bulletin boards for pinning invitations and photos. We built ...

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Cork Board Photo Gallery

cork board wall

Here is a awesome idea from one of our customers - instead of keeping all those photos on your phone - why not get them printed out and actually use them to create a ongoing photo gallery in your home. We all take so many photos these days and there are so many apps that make it so easy to get those photos printed right from your phone and delivered to you home for just a few cents each. Here is a family...

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