Making A New House A Home

Posted by Eric Haggard on

Here is a custom combo board we built for Meshell in Pasadena, she wanted a fabric bulletin board on the bottom to display invitations and a chalk board on top to write notes and reminders. Great idea Meshell!...happy we could help turn your idea into a finished piece...

Hi Eric, I own a company as well and to say I am OBSESSED with business is an understatement!  The packaging alone was incredible and my husband was very impressed.  I on the other hand was amazed at the detail...colored chalk, push pins, darling magnets and the eraser.  Believe me I know how much all of that little stuff costs...however I have NEVER had anything arrive so beautifully put together!  You've really got something here! My new board has made our new house a home!

Meshell, Pasadena CA

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